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Elevating Clients, Startups and Fund Managers with 62C Funds Services

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

62C Funds Services, where innovation meets expertise!

Read about our end-to-end financial services and product solutions which includes assistance with capital raising, fund establishment and regulatory compliance. It’s where dedication, compliance, and client success intertwine!


In the dynamic world of financial innovation and fund management, 62C Funds Services stands out due to its expertise and client-centric solutions. With a century’s worth of combined experience, our team, led by respected professionals like Astrid Raetze and George Lucas, has been instrumental in navigating the intricate landscapes of capital raising, fund establishment and regulatory compliance. This blog delves into our end-to-end solution in financial services and products.


Our approach is multifaceted, focusing on structuring the best trustee or corporate entity solution that suits your goals, assisting in the conducting of due diligence on assets, crafting solid legal documentation, enhancing investor relations, implementing robust governance structures, and developing a comprehensive risk management framework. Our end-to-end solution includes:

Establishing the Trustee or Corporate Entity:

We navigated through essential technicalities to establish a fit for purpose trustee or corporate entity that catered to investor interests and regulatory standards. Our services included company incorporation, drafting the constitution, and structuring the investment committee where need be.

Due Diligence on Assets:

We assist in vetting of prospective assets, ensuring each asset resonated with investor expectations and regulatory mandates. Our services included advising on requisite reports and liaising with partner firms for legal due diligence.

Legal Document & Compliance:

We drafted, reviewed, and advised on pivotal documents crucial for the investment vehicle or fund's lifecycle, ensuring investor-friendly and regulator-compliant artifacts. Our evolving compliance plans provided a robust framework that evolves with the industry.

Investor Relations & Materials:

We designed investor-centric materials focusing on clarity and transparency and offered continual investor relations support, ensuring consistent and compelling narratives.

Governance & Oversight:

We architected decision-making processes and set up oversight mechanisms, ensuring transparent and efficient operations trusted by investors.

Risk Management Framework:

We helped identify and understand various risks and crafted strategies to mitigate them, ensuring alignment with goals and fostering enduring investor confidence.

Facilitating Corporate Authorization under our AFSL:

We can facilitate Corporate Authorization under our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). This service may be particularly beneficial for entities embarking on capital raising journeys or those operating fund management businesses and in a transition phase while they apply for their own AFSL.

The 62C Team

Astrid Raetze, with her profound experience in financial services and fund structuring, and George Lucas, a dynamic founder with a deep understanding of financial services and products in the Australian and Southeast Asian markets, are integral in delivering success. Their innovative thinking, leadership, and extensive experience in establishing and structuring in financial services and products plays a pivotal role in navigating complex regulatory issues and delivering successful financial service products.


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