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It’s where dedication, compliance, and client success intertwine!

End-to-end financial services and product solutions tailored for your success

About 62C Funds Services

Welcome to 62C Funds Services  holder of an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) 548573 - where client service seamlessly intertwines with unparalleled expertise!

Navigate the financial services with 62C Fund Services, where Astrid Raetze and George Lucas lead with unmatched expertise. Our team, rich in banking, finance, and fund management experience, excels in investments, corporate finance, fund establishment, structuring, strategy and navigating regulatory mazes. With global insights and a tailored approach, we're your beacon to success in the dynamic financial landscape. Partner with us for strategies that transform objectives into triumphs. Let's achieve brilliance together!


Our Comprehensive Approach

A brief overview of the multifaceted approach

Establishing the Trustee or Corporate Entity

Embark on a painless journey with 62C Funds Services in establishing your Trustee or Corporate Entity. We craft and structure entities that resonate with investor interests and regulatory requirements, ensuring a robust foundation for your investment vehicle to grow in the dynamic financial services landscape. Experience dedication intertwined with expertise.

Investor Relations & Materials

Elevate your investor relations with 62C Funds Services. We craft transparent, investor-centric marketing materials and provide continual communication, ensuring clear and compelling narratives that resonate with stakeholders. Our approach fosters trust, facilitating meaningful connections and enhancing the overall investor experience in the intricate world of financial services.

Due Diligence on Assets

Experience smooth due diligence with 62C Funds Services, where assets can be rigorously vetted to resonate with investor expectations and regulatory mandates. We ensure that every prospective asset aligns seamlessly with strategic objectives, offering comprehensive corporate advising services that bolster confidence and enhance the robustness of your investment portfolio.

Compliance & Oversight

Implement commercial and compliant governance structures with 62C Funds Services. We develop processes and oversight mechanisms that foster transparent and efficient operations. Our approach ensures that your investment vehicle operates with integrity and care, creating an environment of trust and operational excellence.

Legal Document & Compliance

Navigate the complexities of legal documentation and compliance with 62C Funds Services. Our expertise ensures the creation of investor-friendly, regulator-compliant commercial documents, backed up by compliance plans and risk frameworks, providing a resilient enterprise risk framework that safeguards your investment vehicle throughout its lifecycle. Experience the difference our strategic legal guidance can deliver.

Risk Management Framework

Discover our enterprise risk framework service with 62C Funds Services. We meticulously identify, understand, and assisting in crafting controls to mitigate various financial to operational risks, ensuring alignment with your goals. Our approach fosters enduring investor confidence, safeguarding your investment vehicle against operational and financial uncertainties.

Facilitating Corporate Authorization under our AFSL

Unlock the possibility of receiving a corporate authorization with 62C Funds Services. Leveraging our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), we can facilitate entities embarking on capital raising journeys requiring a authorisation or new fund management or financial services firms transitioning to their own AFSL.

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