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About 62 Consulting: Simplifying Your Growth Journey

Dive into the digital world with ease thanks to 62 Consulting! Our seasoned team turns daunting into doable, guiding you from concept to triumph. With expertise in wealth management, funds services, governance, marketing, software, and ability to utilise our AFSL, we're your one-stop shop for growth. Our comprehensive services and decades of collective experience in wealth management, banking, tech, legal, and finance ensure your venture thrives. Join us at 62 Consulting, where extraordinary growth begins with us. Let's create something remarkable together!


Astrid Raetze


Lawyer with more than 20 years experience in financial services, banking, wealth management law and regulation; Non-executive Director on ASX listed company

Simran Gambhir


Specialize in assisting companies at various stages, from minimum viable product to emerging companies. He can offer guidance in technology, and cyber and data security.

Indra Fahlevy

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

More than 15 years experience in IT/Digital, he received his BSc and MBA for strategic management.

Alasdair Malek


Growth/Product/Marketing (Fintech) specialist - I had the pleasure of launching Raiz (formerly Acorns) and Spaceship Voyager into the Australian market. Passionate about solving customer problems with great products.

George Lucas


ASX Director, CEO. Founder and thought leader. More than 30 years experience in start-ups, technology, financial services, banking in Sydney, London, New York, Indonesia and Malaysia

Charlene Lee


Risk professional, with a Financial Services regulator background and management consulting experience. Experience in 1st and 2nd line risk, compliance and regulatory engagement functions.



Our cyber and data security governance capabilities encompass risk management, compliance, incident response, and proactive measures to safeguard data assets from emerging threats.

Software Development

Our software development capabilities ensure efficiency and quality through best practices, rigorous testing, and continuous integration, resulting in reliable and scalable applications.


Experienced designers will create a design and user interface that is eye catching, works and contains the best possible experience.

Boosting Your Team's Capabilities

Our team of skilled professionals readily supplements your existing team, bringing extensive expertise in financial services administration, operations, and compliance, as well as digital and marketing proficiency. We help drive your business growth cost-effectively and on-demand.

Risk Frameworks

We implement risk frameworks that comprehensively identify and mitigate potential online business risks, safeguarding your operations and fostering sustainable growth.

62C Funds Services

62 Consulting holds an Australian Financial Services License allowing to offer services and products to both wholesale and retail clients.  Our offerings include corporate authorisations for capital raises and representatives, fund structuring and product distribution, corporate finance and compliance.

Legal & Regulatory

We provide actionable legal advice and regulatory solutions tailored to your commercial needs, helping clients to navigate complex legal landscapes.

Developing a minimum viable product app

Our experienced developers create MVPs that meet necessary criteria while minimizing financial risk and cost, enabling you to validate your ideas quickly and efficiently.

Infrastructure Design

Making sure that all cloud or physical infrastructure is correctly designed and maintained to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Running and Maintaining the Software

Ensuring that all software is properly updated, secured, monitored, and maintained for optimum performance levels throughout its entire lifecycle.

Online marketing

We use online strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, and influencer outreach to promote brands, services, and products across digital networks.


What guarantees are there that these cost savings and reduced time to market will be achieved?

There are no guarantees, however our leadership team of highly experienced consultants will set out clear project requirements, establish a robust project management plan, defined SLAs, and implement effective governance to ensure a successful outsourcing relationship. With this approach we can minimise the risks associated with cost and time over runs.

Is the advanced technology provided by 62C secure and reliable?

Ultimately the expertise of 62c can provide you with security measures and risk frameworks to ensure the safety and reliability of your solution and data. We are experts in cyber and data (information) security governance; enterprise risk frameworks, regulatory compliance; effective governance structures; and robust disaster recovery plans. With these measures in place our solutions are secure and reliable.

How much control do we have over changes made by external consultants?

You will have full control. We will implement a well-defined change management process with clear communication to ensure that all changes are discussed, approved, and documented before they are implemented. We will ensure that we adhere to the contract terms and customer requirements with any changes made. This level of control will ensure that any changes made align with your business objectives and requirements.

What unexpected risks may arise from expanding into new markets domestically and internationally?

Expanding your business into new domestic and international markets can open a world of possibilities for growth and increased revenue. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks associated with this process such as economic and political fluctuations, cultural differences, legal regulations, operational challenges and reputation risks. 62c can assist in the necessary research on local and global markets, understanding customs and regulations, assisting in forming strong partnerships, and creating robust risk management plans that can mitigate these risks while taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that come with expanding your reach.

How can we trust the professionals hired through 62C to provide accurate results?

Trust is the key component to success for 62c. Trust can only come from working with each other. We will endeavour to make sure that you get only the best results from our professionals by establishing clear milestones, with payment only made when milestones are reached.  The leadership team will continuously conduct quality assurance checks throughout to ensure accuracy in every step of the process.  Trust builds the reputation and brand of 62c, which in turns ensures yours and our success.

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