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Charting New Heights 62 Consulting's Journey so Far

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Since its start, 62 Consulting has embarked on a journey of success and development. The team, a union of experienced professionals, provides a wide array of services.

In a world where the digital innovation is causing a state of flux in business models, businesses must be agile and innovative to keep their competitive edge. At 62 Consulting we try to remain at the forefront of this digital revolution, consistently implementing transformative strategies to aid companies in their quest for growth and scale.

Since its start, 62 Consulting has embarked on a journey of success and development. The team, a union of experienced professionals, provides a wide array of services, consulting on everything from governance and risk frameworks to online marketing strategies and software development.

One of our first triumphs was winning a contract to develop an MVP website for a cybersecurity start-up. This project not only put our ability in building user-friendly platforms with complicated content management systems on display but also underscored our ability to pinpoint deficiencies in cybersecurity governance and produce policies and recommendations to enhance a company's cyber risk management.

Moreover, 62 Consulting has successfully bid for a UX design projects for a Sydney-based agency, illustrating our ability in crafting an optimized user experience. We have also worked closely with Indonesian firms exploring Australian opportunities, as well as Australian companies venturing into Indonesia, highlighting our capacity to provide strategic end-to-end services.

Recently, 62 Consulting played a role in providing restructuring advice to a financial services company. By using our customer-centric approach and deep industry knowledge, we were able to offer valuable support to their team. We are also supplied high-level advice to a start-up using advanced large language model technology (akin to ChatGPT) to lessen the compliance burden for financial advisors while enhancing the UX for their customers, reaffirming our commitment to using innovative technology.

Moving forward, 62 Consulting aims to broaden its corporate advisory services, supporting firms during their scale-up phase in financial services. Our recent participation in the iFX EXPO Asia 2023 conference in Thailand, where George Lucas took part as a panellist discussing FinTech trends, underscores our continual engagement and thought leadership.

Focusing on our mission to aid businesses in their growth journey, 62 Consulting offers cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. With a robust team of consultants and over 70 software engineers, UX designers, and QA testers based in Indonesia, we are ready to meet any challenge head-on and deliver exceptional results.

Complementing these efforts is the soon-to-be-released book by George Lucas, "The Prosperity Revolution." Scheduled for release in October 2023, the book delves into how WealthTech is transforming the wealth management industry, opening new avenues for financial institutions, start-ups, and individuals. This further solidifies 62 Consulting's commitment to thought leadership and how to harness technology and innovation as catalysts for business growth.

Our journey thus far is a testament to our team’s dedication, ability, and innovative spirit. As we continue to navigate uncharted territories in the digital landscape, we aim to be a harbinger of the prosperity revolution.


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