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Advancing Together: Enamdua and 62 Consulting's Global Impact

It is with pleasure that we bring you the latest accomplishments of Enamdua Teknologi (62 Technology), our sister company responsible for our development capabilities based in Indonesia.

Guided by the leadership of Indra Fahlevy, Enamdua Teknologi has emerged as a pillar of innovation within the tech communities of Jakarta and Indonesia at large. Their mission is to bolster Indonesian digital talent and elevate them on the global stage.

In the recent years, Enamdua has made substantial progress. Their efforts extend beyond mere company growth—they are establishing a sustainable company that we hope is destined to redefine the Indonesia’s digital talent landscape. Their goals are clear: enhancing the calibre of local digital talent and boosting their competitive edge throughout Southeast Asia.

Key achievements in the last year include the establishment of their development centre in Medan, North Sumatra, a 40% increase in their staff to over one hundred skilled developers, designers, UX specialists, and growth in their customer base and projects delivered. Additionally, the establishment of a global representative office in Sydney, in collaboration with 62 Consulting, signifies their dedication to expanding their international presence.

This year so far, Enamdua has built relationships with over thirty-five clients globally and has executed more than fifty projects, encompassing websites, mobile apps, enterprise resource planning, and other backend operational business software solutions. Notably, we are partnering with Enamdua on an innovative AI project focused on expediting protein design for an Indonesian pharmaceutical client. This venture underscores our shared commitment to propelling the technological prowess of both 62 Consulting and Enamdua.

Furthermore, Enamdua’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent is evident through their 62 Academy initiatives and internship programs in partnership with vocational schools in Jakarta. These programs are instrumental in fostering the upcoming generation of Indonesia's digital talent.

As the global representative of Enamdua, we at 62 Consulting are dedicated to ensuring that they receive the international exposure and opportunities they deserve, providing a cost-effective outsourcing solution that does not sacrifice quality.


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