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A Case Study in Optimized Online Marketing with 62 Consulting

In this case study, 62 Consulting executed an online marketing strategy for a new chocolate product in Australia. Leveraging data-driven iterations, expert in-house execution, and optimization, we maximized reach and conversion, resulting in a cost-effective, scalable campaign that bolstered the client's supermarket presence.

Digital marketing can be an intricate maze of data analysis and strategy execution. The time-consuming process demands constant iterations, testing, and re-testing to find the formula that generates the best outcomes to reach your goals. It's a journey that requires expertise and dedication. This is where 62 Consulting can help, offering a comprehensive suite of services that drive success in the online marketplace.


Recently, 62 Consulting was entrusted with managing an online campaign for the launch of a new product. An agency representing a new chocolate brand venturing into Australian supermarkets turned to us for the execution of an online marketing strategy. Their goal was simple yet ambitious: to scale and grow in a highly competitive marketplace. The journey we embarked upon is an excellent showcase of our abilities and commitment to client success.


From the onset, 62 Consulting brought extensive expertise to the table. Managing and executing online marketing campaigns we do well. We understand that effective online marketing requires constant tweaking. Data-driven insights inform the adaptation of the copy content and the development of fresh visual assets. The goal? Replace underperforming ads with engaging, impactful content that captivates the target audience to reach the client’s goal.


This is where our team shone. With an understanding of consumer behaviour and industry trends, our experts guided the iterative process. Their recommendations were not pulled out of thin air but were grounded in analytics. They understood the need for dynamic visuals and compelling copy that resonated with the target audience - key factors in optimizing the campaign’s reach and conversion rate.


Our approach was twofold: to deliver exceptional services to our direct client, the agency, and to ensure the agency's client - the new chocolate brand - saw tangible results in supermarkets across Australia. But our commitment didn't stop at execution. We were dedicated to achieving these results cost-effectively, providing the most value for our client's investment.


The outcome? The campaign is ongoing and proving to be a success as we expand across other digital platforms. Leveraging our online marketing strategies, we managed to make a significant impact on the brand's reach and goals in the Australian market. The new chocolate product has gained a foothold in supermarkets across the country, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-planned and expertly executed online marketing strategy.


This case study showcases 62 Consulting's commitment to delivering optimized digital solutions. We're not just a consulting firm; we're a partner in our clients' success stories, providing a smooth pathway to their digital transformation for growth and scale. Our strength lies in our in-depth understanding of the subject matter, our unwavering dedication to our clients' goals, and our ability to deliver results cost effectively and efficiently.

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