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62 Consulting Delivers Results to Small Business on Cyber and Data Security

Example Case Study - 62 Consulting's successful engagement with a small business to improve their cyber and data security posture. Through conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, developing a customized plan to reduce identified risks, and implementing measures & policies, as well as employee training.

62 Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in helping small to medium businesses improve their cyber and data security posture. Recently, they were approached by a small business to help them address their cyber and data security challenges. The company was founded two years ago as an online retail store selling outdoor apparel and accessories. With over 50 employees spread across multiple locations, they needed assistance with improving their overall cyber & data security posture as well as implementing a risk governance framework for better compliance with regulations.

Problem Identification

The small business identified several areas of concern when it came to their cyber & data security posture, such as weak password policies, lack of employee training on secure practices, inadequate firewalls and antivirus software protection, lack of encryption on sensitive customer information stored on-site or off-site servers, insufficient backup procedures for critical systems/data files in case of disaster recovery scenarios etc.. These risks posed potential threats such as financial loss due to malicious attacks or reputational damage from public disclosure of confidential customer information which could lead to non-compliance with relevant regulations if not addressed properly.


The main objectives set out for the engagement between 62 Consulting and the small business was to identify and reduce identified risks, implement a risk governance framework for better compliance with relevant regulations, improve cyber & data security posture, and train employees on secure practices.


62 Consulting provided a comprehensive set of services to address the identified problems. The consultant first conducted a detailed risk assessment to identify and quantify the existing security risks. This included an analysis of current policies, procedures, systems, personnel etc. and an evaluation of potential threats posed by external actors or internal employees. The consultant then developed a customised plan which outlined specific actions to be taken to reduce identified risks, such as implementing new security measures and policies, and providing employee training on secure practices.


During the process, 62 Consulting faced several challenges such as lack of access to certain systems, limited resources available for implementation of new measures/policies, difficulty in obtaining budget approval for required investments etc. Despite these obstacles, the team was able to overcome them and achieve a successful outcome.


For similar small businesses, 62 Consulting would recommend implementing a comprehensive risk assessment program to identify existing security risks and developing a customized plan tailored to the business’s needs. Additionally, they recommend training all employees on secure practices and investing in appropriate technology & tools to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Finally, they also recommend regularly reviewing and updating security measures to stay abreast of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

In conclusion, 62 Consulting was able to provide a comprehensive set of services to the small business to improve their overall data & cyber security posture and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Through a combination of risk assessment, plan development, implementation of measures & policies and employee training, the company was able to reduce security incidents and increase awareness. Despite the challenges faced along the way, 62 Consulting was ultimately successful in achieving their objectives for this engagement.

This project serves as an example of how a small business can benefit from professional consulting services when it comes to addressing data & cyber security risks. With the help of an experienced consultant, small businesses can both reduce identified risks and ensure compliance with relevant regulations, helping them to protect their customers’ data, maintain their reputation, and ultimately succeed in this increasingly digital world.

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