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62 Consulting Delivers MVP App for Retail Business

Example Case Study - This example case study illustrates how 62 Consulting identified pressing challenges faced by the business and prioritized features and functionalities before building, testing and launching the MVP app.

This example case study details how 62 Consulting could help a retail business develop and launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) app. An MVP is the first version of a product that contains enough features to satisfy early adopters and can be used as a starting point for further development. See our blog on MVP.


The retail business had been struggling to keep up with their competitors, and needed a digital solution that would help them stay competitive in the market. 62 Consulting identified the most pressing challenges faced by the business and developed an MVP app to meet those needs.


62 Consulting first defined the goals and objectives for the MVP app, then used the MoSCoW method to prioritize features and functionalities. They created wireframes, prototypes, built the app and tested various iterations of the MVP app before launching a soft launch of the MVP app to a select group of users. The MVP app allowed 62 Consulting to collect user feedback through surveys and interviews, as well as in-app analytics to identify areas for improvement.


The app was continuously improved and scaled to additional platforms, resulting in increased sales and customer engagement, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined business processes. 62 Consulting successfully delivered an MVP app for the retail business, proving the value of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for a business. With the right approach, a business can unlock new opportunities to succeed in a competitive market.

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