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Unlock Your Maximum Potential with 62 Consulting

Discover 62 Consulting! Dive into a world where fund services, corporate finance, wealth management and digital innovation unite to accelerate your growth. Join us on this exciting success journey!

Why now?

Elevate your business with 62 Consulting, where George Lucas, Astrid Raetze, and Indra Fahlevy's expertise meets innovation. Tailored solutions in fund service and wealth management utilising our AFSL, online marketing strategies, AFSL and AML compliance, software development, staff augmentation and corporate finance. We're your growth catalysts, blending affordability with distinction to propel your success. Let's redefine your strategy together!
62 Consulting is an innovative consulting firm that provides businesses with the expertise, skills and technology they need to reach their goals quickly and cost effectively. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to helping our clients succeed in today's competitive market.

What we can do for you

Embark on your journey to growth and scale with 62 Consulting. Leveraging a unique combination of expert advice and cutting-edge technology, we're designed to expedite your goal achievements. We make business growth accessible, compliant, and cost effective.


At 62 Consulting, we create custom strategies to help you reach your goals, whether it's business growth and scale, fund services utlising our AFSL cost-effective technology development, or attracting customers. Our team works with you, ensuring success through measurable outcomes. Reach out to discover more about our personalized solutions.


Make your ideas a reality with 62 Consulting's comprehensive set of services, and expertise. Our team is skilled to augment your existing financial services staff, ensures your project is executed seamlessly. We have the know-how to turn your dreams into business growth for you.


62 Consulting offers a variety of services to drive growth, from creating marketing strategies to reach more online customers, to wealth management strategies, AFSL compliance, risk control, and cyber safety in line with industry standards.


The Promise of WealthTech

My new book, "The Prosperity Revolution", documents my insights and wisdom, derived from my global journey in founding WealthTech businesses. Within its pages, you'll find valuable learnings from my hands on experiences. I believe that my voyage through the digital transformation of wealth management offerings globally can assist you through the rapid, ever-changing trends, regulations and consumer expectations associated with WealthTech. Below is an extract from the book.

~George Simon Lucas

Recent Blogs

Our Teams' Experience

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie Commercial & Financial Services Global Partner; Global Head of Fintech; Member of Global Innovation Committee (1999- 2017)

Lufthansa System 

Software Developer in aviation industry; Develop & Maintain TPF Mainframe booking & reservation system

Instreet Investment Limited

Co-Founder/MD; Trading, Structuring, Administration, Operations, Registry & Systems & Risk Management Framework

IES Nusantara

Co-founder/MD;Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Company; IT Development/Customization, Project Management, Management, Business Development, Operations, Sales

Wealth Know How

Website delivering online educational content and videos; MD/CEO business, Development, Project management, Online marketing, Enterprise Risk Framework, Compliance, Regulation

Acorns Grow Australia

Mobile First Micro-Investment App. Founder MD/CEO business, Development, Project management, Online marketing, Enterprise Risk Framework, Compliance, Regulation

Raiz Invest Australia

Mobile First Micro-Investing Platorm. Founder MD/CEO of ASX listed business, Development, Project management, Online marketing, Enterprise Risk Framework, Compliance, Regulation


KPMG Head of Financial Services Law, Australian Head of FinTech; KPMG response to Banking Royal Commission Lead;

Founder/CEO, Expense management startup; Project Management, Management, , Operations, Sales, Business Development, tech development, Operations


Head of Legal & Compliance; Australia; Member of Australian Executive Committee


Legal Counsel; Head of Special Projects & Strategy

62 Consulting

Consultancy Team of experts that provide personalised advice on, IT projects, Security, Risk, Compliance and Online Marketing to grow your business

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